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Unleash your creativity and help SAA animals build their dream home!

Are you ready to showcase your furry friend's larger-than-life personality? Join us in celebrating the boundless dreams of our little companions with the #LittlePawsBigDreams photo challenge! It's time to capture those moments when your pets look absolutely "huge" in their ambitions and zest for life. Whether they're reaching for the stars or conquering new frontiers, we want to see their big dreams unfold.

Share your pet's photos right away, along with a creative dreamy caption, and help make the big dream of moving into a new home a reality for SAA's animals!

About Paw Culture

Paw Culture is a fundraising initiative for SAA 's new home! All the revenues of Paw Culture goes straight into SAA 's new shelter fund, so we can roll up our sleeves and build a better home for even more wandering furry friends and spirited tail-waggers.

How to Participate

Unleash your creativity and upload a photo of your “BIG” pet(Forced perspective technique,click here for reference),
and post on Facebook or Instagram.

and publish it together with the following information:

【 Give your photo a creative title (e.g. Gimme the Power of the Sun!! ) 】

I’m taking on #LittlePawsBIGdreamsChallenge to help SAA animals achieve their dreams. I am challenging tag 【 3 friends 】 to unleash your creativity and upload a photo of your “BIG” pet.

Please support SAA:


BIG PET @saa_hk @pawculture.home


Check out the video tutorials and tips below:


Choose a surface with regular patterns, such as tiled floors or wooden floorboards; a simple and clean background will facilitate further creative editing.


Have your subject slightly closer to the camera; focus on the main character, while keeping your background (or supporting elements) a bit farther from the camera; around a distance of 1-2 meters.


Experiment with various angles or select unique poses and actions for your creative composition.


Invite your furry friend with sincerity (a.k.a treats, toys!) to collaborate and create together!

Step 1

Open “Photos”, choose the photo you would like to edit.

Step 2

Press and hold the photo until a flowing white line appears on the edge of the object in the photo, which indicating that the system has detected the object you want.

Step 3

Click “Copy” on the pop-up window.


Step 4

Open Instagram Story to choose a new background photo.

Step 5

Press and hold on the photo and then click the “Paste” button.

Maybe it is difficult to take forced perspective photo. Or you can consider replacing the photo background to create your own “BIG” photo.

For iOS16 or above version of Apple Products Users, you can detach the subject of a photo (e.g. a person or an animal) with one tap and paste it to another photo.


Step 6

Finish the background replacement.

How to Share

Instagram Reels

1) Check out the SAA Instagram Reels and Click "Add Yours"

2) Upload  your “BIG” pet photo

3) Search “Paws Sticker” through GIF, then add to the photo

4) Add background music ( or not )

5) Share to your Stories with the following text:

I’m taking on #LittlePawsBIGdreamsChallenge
to help SAA animals achieve their dreams. I am challenging 【tag 3 friends 】 to unleash your creativity and upload a photo of your “BIG” pet.


Please support SAA:


BIG PET @saa_hk @pawculture.home

Facebook Posts

1) Upload  your “BIG” pet photo

2) Add #LittlePawsBigDreams,   #LittlePawsBigDreams and a mention @pawculture.home

4) Share it on your own Wall (must be set as a public post) with the following text:

I’m taking on #LittlePawsBIGdreamsChallenge
to help SAA animals achieve their dreams. I am challenging tag【 3 friends 】 to unleash your creativity and upload a photo of your “BIG” pet.


Please support SAA:


BIG PET @saa_hk @pawculture.home

HKJC Exhibition_PawCulture_20230731.jpg

Join the Paws

Share your furry friends with #littlepawsBIGdreams for a chance to be featured!

We Need Your Support.

The SAA centre has been formally included in the Yuen Long South Development Plan, and we were recently notified that the land must be returned by the end of 2024, leaving over 200 small animals in an uncertain situation.


Currently, we are striving to secure a new site from the government that can accommodate all our animals, providing a stable and long-lasting environment where every life can be cared for, in line with our no-kill, no-abandon philosophy. However, we are faced with numerous challenges ahead. From land application, to the design and construction of a new shelter, and finally the relocation process, ensuring each little animal's smooth transition is our utmost priority. We are determined to seek the best possible arrangements for them.

If you wish to stay updated on the developments of SAA's relocation and transition, please follow SAA and Paw Culture on <Facebook> and <Instagram>. You can also support SAA's daily operations by making a donation.

Terms and Conditions:

1.    Any photos or posts uploaded on social media platforms and being hash-tagged #LittlePawsBIGDreams indicates the publishers’ agreement to the Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) below and become a participant by default. Participants must carefully read the Terms, abide by and accept all the Terms, rules and arrangements related to the event.

2.    Participants need to confirm that they own the copyright and portrait rights of the photos, and grant SAA a royalty-free authorization to use relevant photos to create, display, and reproduce them for the event and the related promotion.

3.    If the photos are chosen to be exhibited or produced as merchandizes, SAA will contact the owners of the photos. The public exhibition and product production will only be made after obtaining the written authorization of the owners.

4.    SAA reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the event. In case of any dispute, SAA reserve the right of final decision.

Chu Jai

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