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There is a bigger universe at paw.

Paw Culture by SAA

The SAA centre has been formally included in the Yuen Long South Development Plan, and we were recently notified that the land must be returned by the end of 2024, leaving over 200 small animals in an uncertain situation.


Currently, we are striving to secure a new site from the government that can accommodate all our animals, providing a stable and long-lasting environment where every life can be cared for, in line with our no-kill, no-abandon philosophy. However, we are faced with numerous challenges ahead. From land application, to the design and construction of a new shelter, and finally the relocation process, ensuring each little animal's smooth transition is our utmost priority. We are determined to seek the best possible arrangements for them.


Paw Culture is a fundraising initiative for SAA's new home! All the revenues of Paw Culture goes straight into SAA's new shelter fund, so we can roll up our sleeves and build a better home for even more wandering furry friends and spirited tail-waggers.

Paw is well

Let's celebrate the wonderful world of animals through art, inspiration,
and community engagement!


Together, we have it paw.

We believe in the collective power of an inclusive community. Paw Culture partners with designers and creators to make good products, which do good to our community animals. If you are committed to creating a more just and inclusive world for all species, join us.



Mag X SAA new single "Home" is available now.

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